Scottie Millot

Hi! I’m Scottie!

I was born in Burgundy, right in the middle of the famous Côte d’Or, and I evolved from a very young age in the universe of wine.

After a few years in Public Relations, I wished to dive in the world of wines and spirits by integrating the Specialized Master in Wine and Spirits Management at the Kedge BS School of Bordeaux. Spending two years working for the Cité du Vin working with châteaux and international wine-growers have allowed me to sharpen my knowledge and my network in the wine world.

But my great passions are Whiskies and wines from Burgundy, Champagne, Italy… In the Sommeltime duo, I’m the specialist of events and communication!  Do you need help with your wine menu? Do you need to organize tastings or special events? Do you want a special vintage of a special label? I’m in!